About Excel Detergent

Excel is a leading household cleaning product brand from the House of Daraju. Our aim is to give a superior product, with superior quality, at the best price. Excel understands the needs of people nowadays and believes that smiling is the main ingredient for happiness. Brighter colors create wider smiles, thus as a product it not only maintains the colors of clothes but also makes them sparkle brightly in order to extend smiles and create more happiness.

The signature product of the brand is Excel Deep Cleaning Detergent. While it is a deep cleaning detergent which is hard on stains, it is simultaneously very soft on fabrics. It can be used with white and colored clothes. This product is also safe for use in washing-machines provided smaller quantities of the product are used per wash

Because Clothes Also Breathe, Excel Detergent has been developed with an oxy-rich formula that allows for the removal of the toughest stains from all fabrics. Excel Detergent makes white clothes whiter and coloured clothes brighter. It has a long lasting fresh floral scent which makes the person wearing the clothes feel and stay fresh all day long. Excel Detergent also has been formulated to be eco-friendly and requires less water even though it provides a more powerful wash because Daraju cares for the environment and so do our products.

Excel Detergent is available in different SKUs (Sizes) all over Nigeria to fulfill the need of all Nigerians.

Choosing Excel Detergent is a Smart Choice because you get the best product quality in the market at a lower price. Therefore, making such Smart Choices lead to a Smart Life. Excel doesn’t compromise on any aspect of its quality and is better than most of the other ‘premium’ detergents currently selling in the Nigerian market.

Excel Detergent – Smart Choice, Smart Life!
Excel Detergent is proudly Nigerian from the House of Daraju Industries Limited.

About Daraju Industries Limited

Since 2008 Daraju Industries has built a strong and rich heritage of making an impact in the lives of our consumers with brands that make life a little better everyday.  We are a proudly Nigerian company with a passion to enrich the lives of our consumers and in the process become one of Africa’s leading consumer products companies. This simple purpose continues to guide us as we seek to improve lives of Nigerians now and for generations to come. Deriving our name from the “Yoruba” dialect meaning “beautiful”, Daraju is not only passionate about the quality of our products but also providing visually appealing everyday brands which Nigerian’s will be proud to own.

History of Daraju Industries Limited:

Peeyush B Garg started Daraju in 1988 with a simple goal, to provide Nigerians with products and services of superior quality and value. Over the years, the company has kept this ethos as well as creating an environment of innovation. We are African and proud of it. We care about empowering and impacting Nigerians in ways that make their everyday life better. Our goal is to be the preferred brand of choice by offering different product categories for the entire family, babies, children and adults. We are with families from the very beginning of the day when they wake up to the end of the night when they return from a hard days work.

Our Vision, Mission & Core Values

Our Vision:

To become a household name by providing high-quality products, trusted and effective, for the entire family.

Our Mission:

To impact the lives of consumers in Nigeria and ultimately all over Africa, by being the number one source of high quality and value consumer products enriching the lives of our consumers every day. To develop local resources in order to reduce import dependence and become self-sufficient.

Our Core Values:

  • To Uphold statutory compliance with enforcement of all health and safety protocols.
  • Passionate and committed about providing value to all.
  • High quality standards through processes and innovation.
  • Continuous improvement of environmental sustainability by recycling and waste management.
  • Continuous support and investment.